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PhD-Students and Supervisors Conference 26-27 May 2016

General information
Venue: Eriksbergshallen, 2nd floor
Entrance opposite to Quality Hotel 11 Eriksberg, map
Start: May 26, 08:45
End: May 27, 15:30

PhD-students: 21
Supervisors: 24

Contributions: 21 (PhD-students)
Length: 3 pages
Type of text: Work in progress, extended abstract
Submission deadline: May 16th (midnight)

Paper reviews submission deadline: May 24 (midnight)

At the AIT doctoral conference, PhD students and supervisors will get together across research group boundaries, to discuss and exchange experiences and visions for the future in a broader, common context. Dedicated sessions in parallel tracks are devoted to presentations of student contributions with peer review in groups of students and senior researchers. There will also be numerous opportunities for informal discussions during the conference.

We aim to facilitate cross-fertilization of ideas from different research perspectives. By discussing and relating to each other various types of data, models, methodological approaches, theoretical frameworks and theories that we use in research groups, we aim for an expanded understanding of our multifaceted and multidisciplinary research environment. A dialogue across disciplinary borders between doctoral students from different research fields, and with senior researchers having experiences from research across disciplinary boundaries, will also contribute to provide an overview of related application areas and practices.

The conference will host eminent invited speakers with plenary talks. It will provide information about forthcoming events and new research education courses. Part of the conference will consist of parallel sessions for graduate students and the Graduate council (Handledarkollegium) meeting.

Invited speakers
Anna Jonsson, Associate professor, Department of Business Administration, School of Economics & Management, Lund University.
Anna’s research focuses mainly on consequences of globalization, digitalization and the need for knowledge sharing and knowledge development in organizations and society. Anna will talk about the post doctoral situation: What happens when the successful public defense and the party is over?

Mats Wiberg, First Vice President of Chalmers University of Technology and Professor of Signal processing.
Mats will talk about his experiences of third cycle education and its process.

Anna Dubois, Vice President Areas of Advance and Professor of Technology Management and Economics.
Anna will talk about her journey in the knowledge triangle between education, research, and innovation.

The peer review process

This assignment has two parts:

1. Read papers and write review reports (online EasyChair)

Deadline for this is Tuesday 24 May.

All researchers, seniors and doctoral students, are expected to participate.

2. Discuss papers at the review meeting at the conference. This includes opposition.

Doctoral students will be assigned papers according to a schedule that will be communicated via mail after the submission deadline.

The review is done in English. Each paper has 30 minutes:
10 min for presentation
10 min for opposition
10 min for discussion (one minute for the speaker change)

One of papers you review shall be given special attention; that is the paper you shall prepare opposition for.

In each group the author prepares opposition to the paper that is next on the list. The last author on the list prepares opposition to the first paper on the list.

Opposition means that you are expected to prepare 2-3 questions and to discuss the questions after the presentation. The purpose of opposition is to stimulate subsequent discussion within the review group.

All members of the peer review group are expected to actively contribute to the discussion of each paper that they reviewed.

Session chairs
Each review session has one senior researcher who is a session chair. The role of a session chair is to lead the discussion and to strictly keep time so that all speakers get their part of the planned conference time.

A guideline for the research-in-progress paper

Research-in-progress papers describe and discuss work that is under development.

You can submit:

- a synopsis of your planned research,

- a part of a chapter in progress planned to be included in your thesis,

- a part of manuscript in progress for submission to a conference or a journal,

- other work in progress you want discussed.

If you have specific questions that you would like the reviewers’ comments on, it’s important that they are clearly formulated.

Please coordinate with your supervisor before submission.

Maximum 3 pages including references.

Submitted texts shall be written in English, and uploaded as pdf:s 

Possibility to publish your paper on SWECOG 2016 conferenceIf your paper has relevant connections with cognitive science, there is an opportunity to present it at SWECOG 2016 conference, that this year is organised by our division of Cognitive science and communication. Reviewers may in their reviews suggest if they consider some contribution as a possible candidate for SWECOG presentation.

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