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Marie Eneman


Marie Eneman
Universitetslektor , Proprefekt
Akademisk grad: Doktor,

Besöksadress: Forskningsgången 6 , 41756 Göteborg
Arbetsuppgifter: Forskare, pro-prefekt

Institutionen för tillämpad informationsteknologi (Mer information)
412 96 Göteborg
Besöksadress: Forskningsgången 6 , 417 56 Göteborg

Om Marie Eneman

Current work position:
- Deputy head, Department of Applied IT, University of Gothenburg
- Senior Lecturer, Department of Applied IT, University of Gothenburg

- Doctor of Philosophy in Informatics, Department of Applied Information Technology, University of Gothenburg, Sweden with the doctoral thesis - Developing child protection strategies: a critical study of offenders’ use of information technology for the sexual exploitation of children.
- Master of Science in Computer Science, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden.

Research Interests:
I’m conducting research within the following two areas: 
Surveillance in the digital society and Sexual exploitation of children in the digital society.

Surveillance in the digital society
I’m conducting research on the increasing use of digital surveillance technology in society with a specific interest in public authorities use of digital surveillance and dataveillance with expectations of improved security in society. In our research we are interested to understand how new technologies such as Artificial Intelliegience and automatisation is changing authorities' surveillance practises, both on organisational and societal level.

A key actor in this context is the Swedish Police using digital technologies such as stationary cameras, body-worn cameras, drones, facial recognition, motion recognition, object recognition and a variety of sensors. 

I’m also project leader for the research project - Encountering camera surveillance and accountability at work: case study of the Swedish police. In this project we focus upon (i) the use of body-worn cameras within the Swedish Police and (ii) police officers’ response of being filmed by citizens when conducting work. 

Sexual exploitation of children in the digital society
I have long experience of conducting research on sexual exploitation of children with a particular focus upon child pornography (also called child abuse material) and sexual grooming in the digital society and the societal responses such as legislation and other technological regulation (e.g. Internet filtering, Internet blocking).

I’m involved in ongoing research about: (i) How digitalisation is affecting crime investigations of child pornography – both in terms of possibilities and challenges for law enforcement and (ii) The dark side of social media - the case of sexual grooming of children.

Evaluation work:
I have been involved in evaluation work of Swedish legislations regarding child pornography and contact with children for sexual purposes. In addition, I have also been responsible for a number of evaluation work within the Swedish Police Authority, the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) and regularly presents my research both within and outside academia.





Senaste publikationer

Crime investigations of ‘child abuse material’ - Challenges and opportunities posed by digital technology
Marie Eneman
Proceedings of the Association of Internet Researchers, Dublin, Ireland. , Paper i proceeding 2020
Paper i proceeding

Expectations of AI for Surveillance in Policing
Marie Eneman, Marie Griffiths, Jan Ljungberg, Rachel McLean, Bertil Rolandsson et al.
Proceedings of The 9th biennial Surveillance & Society conference of the Surveillance Studies Network, Paper i proceeding 2020
Paper i proceeding

Governmental Surveillance -The balance between legal security and privacy
Marie Eneman, Jan Ljungberg, Bertil Rolandsson, Dick Stenmark
Proceedings of the UK Academy for Information Systems (UKAIS) Conference, Oxford, UK., Paper i proceeding 2020
Paper i proceeding

Regulating Police Body-Worn Camera Practice - A Four Modality Perspective
Marie Eneman, Dick Stenmark, Jan Ljungberg, Erik Borglund
Proceedings of the 10th Scandinavian Conference on Information Systems (SCIS), Finland, 2019., Paper i proceeding 2019
Paper i proceeding

Being filmed at work: How police perceive citizens’ use of cameras to conduct sousveillance
Marie Eneman, Jan Ljungberg, Bertil Rolandsson, Dick Stenmark
24th UK Academy for Information Systems International Conference Proceeding. Oxford, UK, April 2019, Paper i proceeding 2019
Paper i proceeding

Internet Filtering: A Solution to Harmful and Illegal Content?
Marie Eneman
Proceedings of 2019 IEEE SmartWorld, Ubiquitous Intelligence & Computing, Advanced & Trusted Computing, Scalable Computing & Communications, Cloud & Big Data Computing, Internet of People and Smart City Innovation, Paper i proceeding 2019
Paper i proceeding

Social media and sexual grooming of children
Marie Eneman
Proceedings of European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA) Children-Youth-Media (CYM), September, 2019, Spain., Paper i proceeding 2019
Paper i proceeding

Police Investigations of Child Abuse Material - Challenges and Possibilities with Digital Technology
Marie Eneman
24th UK Academy for Information Systems International Conference Proceeding. Oxford, UK, April, 2019, Paper i proceeding 2019
Paper i proceeding

Exploring the emerging body-worn camera practice within the Swedish police
Marie Eneman
Proceedings of 27th European Conference on Information Systems, Sweden 2019 , Association for Information Systems, Paper i proceeding 2019
Paper i proceeding

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Technology and sexual abuse: A critical review of the Swedish 'groom- ing' legislation
Marie Eneman
Presented at Stockholm Criminology Symposium , Konferensbidrag (offentliggjort, men ej förlagsutgivet) 2012
Konferensbidrag (offentliggjort, men ej förlagsutgivet)

Access Blocking of Child Abusive Material: Evaluation of the Swedish Practice
Marie Eneman
Conference Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Children at Risk and in Need of Protection, Paper i proceeding 2012
Paper i proceeding


The Future and Ethics of Internet Filtering to Prevent the Distribution of Child Abusive Material - A Critical Approach
Marie Eneman, Bernd C Stahl
Human Choice and Computers Conference (HCC) 2010), Paper i proceeding 2010
Paper i proceeding

Virtual Child Pornography as Misuse of Virtual Worlds: The Contribution of Critical Research
Marie Eneman, Bernd Stahl, A. Alisdair Gillespie
Submitted to a Journal 2010, Artikel i vetenskaplig tidskrift 2010
Artikel i vetenskaplig tidskrift

Sexual Grooming: Mind the Gaps in the Swedish Legal Response
Marie Eneman
IFIP Proceedings , Paper i proceeding 2010
Paper i proceeding

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