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Alice Srugies


Alice Srugies
Akademisk grad: Doktor,
031-786 3084

Besöksadress: Forskningsgången 6 , 41258 Göteborg

Inst tillämpad IT, avd för kognition och kommunikation vid Institutionen för tillämpad informationsteknologi (Mer information)
412 96 Göteborg
Besöksadress: Forskningsgången 6 , 417 56 Göteborg

Om Alice Srugies


Alice Srugies primarily teaches in the program Master in Communication and supervises master theses.



Alice Srugies concentrates on organizational and strategic communication in international and intercultural contexts. She is particularly interested in the research areas crisis communication and public diplomacy.


Tidigare forskning

European Public Diplomacy (2013-2016): In her doctoral thesis, Alice Srugies conducts a comparative, empirically grounded analysis of European public diplomacy at national, regional, and transnational level. It centers on France and Sweden as two selected EU member states. The study explores the questions of how EU and member state organizations conduct public diplomacy and to what extent public diplomacy efforts on the regional and national level complement or contradict each other.

Professional communication in the context of crises (funded by the Federal Centre for Health Education, Germany, 2013-2015): In this project, Andreas Schwarz, Alice Srugies, Kathrin Schleicher and Liane Rothenberger analyze crisis communication and management of German children and youth welfare agencies from an internal and external, mediated perspective. Based on theoretical insights and empirical findings, the project team develops guidelines and tools to assist children and youth welfare offices in coping with crises.

Public Diplomacy in Germany (2008-2010): This study 1) theoretically conceptualizes public diplomacy by applying approaches of communication science and sociology; 2) depicts and discusses the historical development of public diplomacy in Germany; and 3) empirically analyzes the practice of the most relevant German public diplomacy actors.


Pågående forskning

Alice Srugies’ current research efforts concentrate on integrating public diplomacy and crisis communication as tools of strategic communication in transboundary crises. Furthermore, she focuses on communication of public authorities and non-governmental organizations in intercultural communication environments.

Senaste publikationer

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