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Applied IT researchers facilitates Surveillance in the Digital Society workshop at ECIS

Nyhet: 2019-02-08

Applied IT researcher Marie Eneman will together with fellow colleagues organize a workshop at the ECIS conference in Stockholm in June on the topic of surveillance.

enemanSurveillance is not a new phenomenon, digitalization has however enabled surveillance of a magnitude we have not seen before. On social media people share the intimacies of their lives, leading to a huge repository of information. Additionally the volume of digital surveillance devices, such as stationary surveillance systems (CCTV), mobile devices such as smartphones, body-worn cameras, cameras in cars, drones and a variety of sensors. The development in algorithms and artificial intelligence, advances also the analytical step in surveillance, for example by face and motion recognition.

The workshop will be facilitated by several Applied IT researchers, apart from Marie Eneman, namely Jan Ljungberg, Urban Nuldén, and Dick Stenmark, as well as researchers from other departments and universities such as Erik Borglund, Marie Griffiths, Rachel McLean, Bertil Rolandsson and Bernd C Stahl.

For more information contact Marie Eneman
E-mail: marie.eneman@ait.gu.se


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